Sunday, August 15, 2010

Return Of The Robots

Once again I am purely a robot trader.

Part of the reason is that my day job does not allow me to use company Internet or computing resources for the purpose of earning revenue. This is a sensible restriction even if my use would only have been to let me view charts and enter trades.

Now I use the Internet at work purely to watch how my robot is doing. I don't enter trades, I can't access or change the robot's behavior during the day, so really, I'm watching buy and sell events for entertainment purposes. As long as it isn't chewing up bandwidth or interfering with my productivity that is alright.

The latest incarnation of live robot is a bi-directional trader. The theory is that at any point in time prices are going to move in some direction for a while and then in the other direction. This back and forth movement will continue endlessly.

Conceptually, break the bi-direction robot into two unidirectional robots.

With that done, admittedly, it is possible that one of my robots will run out of ability to trade as the price moves a long way in the wrong direction. However, my other robot will be earning a profit during this time. Additionally, I am certainly able to manually reallocate resources between these two robots if and when conditions support the reversal of a large movement.

With the volatility of last week this reasonably cautious robot did fairly well. However, this robot isn't suitable for professional trading as it is allowed to hang onto negative positions for a long period of time.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this robot is the sound it makes whenever it closes a profitable position. Hearing the ka-ching sound whenever there is price movement up or down is very rewarding... as it happens so often.