Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Winning Forex Trading Philosophy

I'm starting to believe that being successful trading Forex has more to do with your philosophy than anything else.

You cannot trade based on how much money you want to make. You cannot trade based on how much money you need to make. This means that you can't push money into the market, desperately searching for opportunity, risking a large portion of your net asset value in the process.

You must trade lightly.

When you trade lightly, you simply let the market give you the returns that it is willing to relinquish to you. Quite simply, it is not a process of taking.

If you can change your mindset it will give you a lot of peace compared to the level of stress that many generate. Dip your toes into the market, following your strategy, with a level of investment that simply cannot begin to raise your blood pressure.

A little bit of market wisdom, developed with experience, combined with an appropriate philosophy will generate profits. I know that this is difficult to consider or even believe in today's rational calculating world, but the only way to win is to not fight the market. It is way too big for you.

Stop trying to generate winning positions and simply let the market give them to you.

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