Friday, January 25, 2008

Double Top Warning

It isn't here yet, and that means it may never arrive, but we are currently looking at a potential double top on the AUDJPY.

This means that the DOW could also be poised to give up some recent gains.

Obviously, the DOW can do what it wants, but if you are seeing gains right now and are thinking of jumping in, be wary.

Personally, I'm hoping for the downturn. If it happens according to "my" chart then it means that I'm able to take advantage of the movement. It also means that the AUDJPY will be "on sale" as it will eventually rise again. It will always rise again as long as the carry trade remains associated with the DOW.


The rollover continues...

While anything can happen, ignore such signs at your own risk!


I hope you were paying attention this morning...

The market has now made a double top and reacted to it. The DOW has followed/driven the AUDJPY (since I'm sure the overseas markets have a say in the matter too) and once again I have a strange feeling of "control" which is certainly misplaced.

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