Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kramer's Bottom Call

I take heart in the fact that Kramer has called a bottom.

Although there is a lot of volatility I am hoping that over time I'll be able to build and protect a sizable AUDJPY position. You see, as you get positions in profit and place stop losses in to protect them, you get to start again with respect to risk. Also, as the profits rise, you can start to get positions that are funded by locked in profits instead of your own capital.

Finding a bottom, then sinking in some serious capital, will let you earn a decent incremental revenue without much effort... at least until some large downturn starts to remove you from the market.

At that time, assuming you've moved the stops up a little, you'll end up with some nice gains to your capital to offset the loss of income.

I guess there is always the chance that interest rates will change, but until then, this is my long term goal.

I only hope Kramer is right. If we've hit bottom, then it will be "easy" to buy into uptrend days... over and over again.

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