Saturday, January 26, 2008

Forex Trading Wish List

Well, once again it is Saturday. There is no trading at all today so I have some time to reflect on wider issues. So, as someone who wants to trade full time for a living, I am feeling the need for the following:
  • A nice large workstation including a comfortable reclining chair. As an active trader I can find myself sitting at the keyboard for many hours at a time so I might as well be comfortable while I do so.

  • A fast and light whisper quiet computer. Listening to noisy and raspy cooling fans all day long cannot be good for the ears in the long term.

  • Multiple large flat screen monitors. Trading a currency well requires an awareness of technical issues across charts in various time frames. Having them all visible at once would help.

  • A small cable ready television to watch CNBC during trading periods. It's very helpful to associate stock and Forex movements to news events. You can develop an understanding of how news affects stocks and currencies.

  • A wireless mouse and keyboard. This is certainly not a necessity but it is very nice to be able to avoid the confines of a wired setup from time to time.
Well, it looks like it is time for me to quit fooling around and start making some money -- especially since it is apparently already spent.

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