Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fundamental Conjecture

Something to keep in mind when you consider where the currency markets will be heading in 2009.

It appears that the Obama stimulus package will contain a $250,000 write off for business expenses. This is huge. Smaller businesses, when generating expenses, are not generally spending their money outside of the US. Vehicles, machinery, tools, raw goods or whatever else is eligible for this tax change will quickly represent income to other domestic businesses.

This is big.

Additionally, it was just reported today that mortgages on primary residences will soon be allowed to be adjusted during bankruptcy. According to some pundits this is a very large win as it is actually supposed to be better for the banks -- compared to a foreclosure. Not to mention the fact that if this done, greatly reducing foreclosure events, the downward pressure on housing prices will be released.

This is also big.

Finally, though it sounds like an insignificant item, Obama mentioned the need to restore trust in the financial system. Perhaps you are not aware, but the only thing that allows people to trade and exchange money via markets is trust. If you don't trust that you'll get a fair trade, receive ownership, or be protected to some degree from swindles and excess, then why in the heck would you put your money at risk?

This is perhaps the biggest item. However, don't be surprised if this item turns into political fodder as ideologues argue against it. What these ideologues often forget is that free markets simply require a level and trusted playing field. Rules are fine -- as long as they're enforced reliably for all players.

Don't forget that!

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