Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Microtrading: Decent Returns?

I blogged about this idea not too long ago. The concept is to use very small trades relative to your available margin and net asset value (NAV). I'm doing this with the AUDJPY pair so that when I accumulate positions I am earning a positive carry trade return.

My trade size over the last week has been such that the margin involved in each trade is 0.2% of my NAV. That's tiny. Twenty five trades in and you are looking at using 5% of your available margin.

However, the carry trade interest would represent approximately a 3.65% return if annualized. At the same time my unrealized profits had me up almost 4% earlier this morning. This 4% unrealized profit is due to only the last 10 days of trading. We've had a downturn, I've accumulated positions, and the AUDJPY has jumped just recently.

Anyway, I hope this demonstrates that short term scalping is not the only way to earn money using forex. While this concept won't make you rich overnight the risk is very low and the returns can be good compared to currently available financial instruments.

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