Thursday, August 20, 2009

Robot Trading

I'm finally trading my own proprietary forex robot.

The best part is that I have the sound of money chiming on my computer at work every time I have a position closed due to reaching it's take profit price.

Anyway, no, I have no other hype to push.

What I do have is the power of the robot mind to watch the market 24 hours a day. What do I mean? I mean that as long as my computer stays on and connected I have a trading system that has no emotion, does not tire, and never misses a single moment of opportunity.

It's late... I'll post again in the next few days and provide more details.


Hugh said...

My results have been decent so far. But it is summer time. Hopefully it picks up.

Anonymous said...

What kind of conditions?

Rookie said...


I hear you on the low volume of summer...


It's trading on a short time frame with relative small positions and fairly high frequency.

Trailing stops allow a decent return on a position, but in order to keep risk low it often accepts small levels of profit on a position.