Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Trading Session

I've been doing some reading, while waiting for prices to move up and down so I can get in and out of the market, so it's possible that I'll start to use industry terminology within the next few weeks.

The best introductory site I've found so far is the offering. As I learned just the other day, a pip is a single movement point in the price of an issue being traded.

Anyway, during this reading I realized how the candlestick charts work. I also realized that I'm trading on a 5 minute chart. Now I'm armed and dangerous! Well, okay, I'm feeling lucky. This sessions trading went like this:

B EURUSD @ 1.3622
S EURUSD @ 1.3637

This puts another $1.50 into my pocket. Of course, keep in mind that I'm learning on a $100 SuperMini account... so this is a nice percentage point gain.

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