Friday, December 5, 2008

Trading Results: AUDJPY

For the week ending Fri 05-Dec-2008 I managed scrape out an 8% increase in net asset value.

This week was more challenging, for me, than last week. I seem biased to seek opportunities with gains on the up side. So, on a week with sideways trading and periods of downward drift things slowed down.

However, as always, watching my own trades brings insights that might be useful to other traders.

For example, I've found that momentum indicators can be quite useful. They measure a different aspect of performance and thus they can give you an independent look at the state of the market. However, my favorite indicators are still the stochastic variety. If you take the time to tune them to your time frame they can be quite insightful -- as long as you remember that no indicator is perfect.

Next week we may hear some good news concerning the US auto bailout. If this happens perhaps we'll have some upward market days and some increased risk appetite. This would give me the upward movements that I perform best on. Does this concept remind anyone else of the phrase... "a rising tide floats all boats?"

I consider it important to get equally adept at dealing with up side and down side markets. Otherwise, a significant market move that works well with my own bias may fool me into thinking I know what I am doing. Actually, I'm really trying to warn you to keep an eye out for this in your own trading... and I'd hate for you to gloss over this fact because I seem to be talking about myself.

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