Tuesday, January 19, 2010

AUDJPY: Poised?

I don't have time to snip a chart or anything, however I'd suggest taking a few moments to analyze the AUDJPY.

What I see is the potential for a so-called "big W" on the 3 hour chart. You'll notice the right side of the W has a double bottom. If we do get the full "big W" we should see some dramatic upward movement over the week.

Fundamentally, inflation, employment and other indicators in Australia seem to indicate the need for the RBA to continue to increase rates. If any more hot growth news comes out prior to February we may see speculation on a 50 basis point increase instead of the widely expected 25 basis points.

In summary, look for a safe low-risk entry point if your analysis of the charts agrees (or even disagrees) with mine.

UPDATE: If you disagreed with me you'd be happy with this morning's (Jan 20) breakdown... though so far the next resistance point seems to have held.

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