Monday, February 23, 2009

MT4 Programming

I love the fact that I can program the MT4 system. However, wouldn't it be nice if there was documentation in English? Well, yes, there is some, but it obviously wasn't written by somebody who speaks it fluently.

Anyway, I spent much of the weekend fooling around with some custom expert advisers. One or two had promise, but obviously if it was easy to do then everyone would be doing it. It isn't. They aren't. I'm not, yet.

What I really need to be able to do is figure out how to determine that a position is not likely to become profitable again. Then, once that is known, it would be nice to look for an opportune time to trim that position. You see, picking a maximum loss generally means that the software will simply allow or force that level of loss.

I have some ideas and the tester is being put through it's paces...

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