Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day Trading and Scalping

Things are still going very well, but I have to admit I haven't been able to pick off huge gains this week. Not yet anyway.

Here's the scoop...

Sunday PM through Monday PM -- NAV +3.05%
Tuesday AM though Tuesday PM -- NAV +2.93%

This is okay, but I see large profits left on the table. It's strange, in order to make it easier to pick up pips I'm working on the 1M and 5M charts. This is pretty good for watching movement -- feeling the rhythm of market -- but it sucks for keeping in mind the larger picture. I can certainly see why people invest in trading stations with multiple large monitors.

Anyhow, to be clear, while the net asset value can be determined via unrealized profits and losses, I am closing all open trades at the end of each session. These are true, risk free at the time of reporting, NAV numbers.

I can't help but wonder if it would be easier to scalp and/or trade profitably if I was able to focus on this during business hours. Well, it would probably be easier to catch movement during the European session too. Things seem to get pretty quiet at times during the Asian session.

Finally, since I have a very high win percentage on scalp trades I am thinking of increasing the size of these trades. Would the psychology of risk start getting in the way if I did that? Probably. If not, it wouldn't be very hard to turn up the income quite a bit -- and I always assume that if things were that easy everyone would do it.

We'll see.

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