Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday Forex Gains: NAV +8.2%

Like the title said, today was a great day!

A short morning session yielded two or three percent. The rest of the day went very slowly, but I was able to wrestle pips out of the market again and again.

Basically, I'm watching charts very closely, looking for setups. I've got some work to do to improve my timing, but in general I seem to have a good collection of indicators that keep me from getting into trouble very often.

When a setup happens, I drop in a position. Generally, I'll switch from currency to currency, on the 1h, looking for things I am fairly confident will move in a way I can predict. Once I have those, I may check the 5m, looking for the same indications, as a means of entry timing.

What seems to happen is that sometimes I'll be right, and sometimes I'll be wrong. The positions that go well end up hitting take profits. At that point, because they are reasonably well chosen, the market will often reverse and give me an opportunity to exit from the positions that weren't previously winners.

Anyway, the real key, at least for me, is having a series of indicators that give you a very high probability of being able to make a prediction. Unfortunately, I'm not willing to get very precise and tell you my setup. Though people often say that it makes no difference how many people know something, it does. If everyone knows the same thing -- then some people will anticipate that thing and in doing so change the price dynamics.

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