Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday Robot Review

If you are a new visitor I should let you know I'm reviewing my own proprietary forex robot -- I'm not providing a general review of robots.

The Good
Profitability continues. Sunday evening the robot earned 0.2% and over the course of Monday it earned 2.0% return. It's not obvious, but when capital is added to the robot old smaller positions provide less return when closed profitably. This means that it will take a little while to flush out those old trades and get accurate profitability numbers.

The Bad
The newly added meta-trading aspect didn't work. Well, I was able to get meta-trades to open in a separate account, but the platform hung after each purchase. I don't know if it's a platform issue or if I did something inappropriate with my code. Perhaps next weekend I'll have a chance to ferret out the details.

The Pending
The robot hasn't yet been in a situation where it has had to stop trading due to accumulated risk. So, at this point, I haven't had a chance to test the notification system under live conditions.

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