Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday Status

Wednesday was a slow day.

The AUDJPY was very quiet, which left little opportunity for my robot to extract revenue. In fact, with the DOW drop at the end of the trading day today we may be looking at a bit of a downward correction over the next little while.

My robot is not very active during downward movements. So, I'll get bored, worry about long term profitability, and otherwise be motivated to "do something" or "fix something" when I shouldn't. I must resist!

Anyway, while today was very slow, my currency trading robot did pull in 1.1% with over 4.3% for the week.

On a different note, I need to name my trading system. It would be nice to call it something other than "robot" every day. I could name it ARTFAB (A Rising Tide Floats All Boats) or something? Hmm, maybe FARTBAD or BADSINE?

Hey, BREAD might work... Basic Robot Earning All Day. Okay, tentatively, BREAD v1.0 is on the job. Unfortunately, bread is pretty passive, getting sliced, diced and toasted regularly. Zzzzz. I'll sleep on it.

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