Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekend Robot Development II

While not fully tested, as the market isn't open for trading, I have also completed both the meta-robot concept and a notification system.

The meta-robot will look at the trades made via the current profitable robot and impose rules that require trades to open at a better price. The required difference, in pips, will be divided in two and added to the meta-robot's take profit point. For example, if the existing robot makes 6 pips on a position then the new meta-robot may open two pips lower and require a take profit of 7 pips.

The combination of a lower entry point and a lower take profit point imply that the meta-robot will always get a better deal. It will also have a higher chance of getting out of it's positions faster. Heh, nothing wrong with making pips faster! Of course, this also implies that the meta-robot may have less ability to open positions as better priced positions may not always be available. There is a bit more complexity to it but I won't bore you with the details.

Anyway, as usual, real life trading will tell the real story.

Finally, the notification system is implemented as a request to a web site. The web site will be able to look at the request parameters and decide what to do. For now, the web site does nothing interesting. Once I've seen the system in action for a while, and I decide it's working well and that it's useful, I'll see about putting more effort into a delivery system.

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