Thursday, April 23, 2009

AUDJPY: Tweezer Top?

The market has about 6 minutes to change it's mind.

If it doesn't, this is going to look like a tweezer top on the 1 hour.

Now, that would be something I'd consider bearish (I originally typed bullish).

If you read my last post... you know I'd like that to happen!

Now about 4 minutes left.

Zzzz. No market reaction on the hour.

Maybe the tails weren't long enough -- or I'm too impatient?

... continuing ...

I am finally seeing some downward movement though it is much later and much slower than I'd have expected:

Hurray... I guess.


fidz said...

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forex rookie said...

Thanks for the note Fidz (and not trying to leave a spammy URL -- I don't mind links from user names).