Sunday, October 25, 2009

Minor BREAD Adjustments

The BREAD trading robot has had a minor tweak during this last weekend.

To make a long story short, another risk modification metric has been defined. If things work as planned this will give the robot the ability to trade over a wider currency pair price move.

Obviously, the plan is to simultaneously maintain the same level of profitability.

My initial readings on quantitative analysis, via forums, seem to indicate another insular pool of thinking. Unfortunately, it seems that ego often persuades people that their own area of expertise is the right area while other areas have nothing to offer.

Advice to any that will take it...

Find the important or valuable information without consideration of the source. Often, combining a few great insights from various fields (validly) will provide greater value than being very proficient at all the skills of a particular field. The real world often is not as simple as the assumptions made in order to perform calculations at the edge of the envelope.

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