Friday, October 30, 2009

Tough Week All Around

With the recent downward move in the AUDJPY my robot has been sidelined.

No big deal really but it does point to a possible correlation as I'd noted earlier. After a very good robot week, perhaps with behavior characteristic of a local top and massive robot profit, the market takes a downturn. There are only two data points so far but I'm definitely staying on the lookout for this. Above average robot profits... be skeptical.

On another note, I contacted someone concerning proprietary trading last week. While I had suspected as much, the fact that my robot is willing to be a carry trader during downturns relegates it to the world of personal trading. So, sadly, my dreams of leaving the standard workforce have been delayed.

The biggest negative event is H1N1 making the rounds through my household. It's bad enough when I feel like crap but it's a lot tougher watching my son cough, wheeze and shiver.

Hopefully we'll be back to normal by Monday. I need to get around to making a better robot -- or at least one with different characteristics.

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