Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Recent Forex Results

I've had some success analyzing the AUDJPY over the last few days. In particular, whether by luck or otherwise I managed to spot some channels, one of them an apparent bull flag, a wedge leading to 82.00 and then predicting a breakthrough beyond that level.

It's very rewarding to make an observation and then have results conform to your expectations.

Anyway, I'm still letting my robot do my trading for me. It's earning north of 1% per day and I continue to make minor tweaks in an attempt to push the appreciation rate closer to 2% if I can.

Recent tweaks involve looking at various stochastic values in order to adjust position entry scale to some degree. Obviously, as the robot only opens long positions, the idea is to open less positions during periods of strength and more positions during periods of weakness.

It's never as simple as it sounds.

For more radical tweaks or outright departures from the main trading robot I'll strike out with a small amount of capital in a new account. I have one of these experimental robots running right now. It's very heavily tweaked.

I've got another radical, but simple, idea in the wings. It will have to wait until next weekend so that I'll have time to implement it.

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