Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Robot Rules Fermenting

It's late Friday night, the markets are closed, and all through the house not a creature is stirring. Well, nobody but the scheming trader hatching up another robotic system.

As someone who designs software systems for a living I can assure you that, in terms of making improvements, nothing is more helpful than watching a system in action. The key point here is the concept of "seeing" the results. While this arena is a bit of a different animal I've always been proud to claim that if I could see the problem I could fix it. You see, no matter how complex the problem there is usually something along the lines of a paradigm shift which greatly changes the nature of available solutions.

So, at the end of the week, when I'm not at work, I can review charts, apply various indicators, and see how various changes might affect trading and earnings. During the week I can see or hear positions open and close and watch the daily results tally up. Simple but powerful stuff.

Anyway, the thing that is keeping me awake at night, in a good way, is a relatively easy way to increase the profit per trade. I believe so anyway. Hopefully we'll find out next week... as I'll be developing this new ARTFAB robot pronto.

I do already have a robot trading at an average return of 1.2% per day over the last five weeks (BREAD - basic robot earning all day) but I've set an aggressive stretch goal of averaging 2.5% per day. BREAD just isn't going to get there. Assuming that other people have done much better than my paltry goal really gets the creativity flowing -- as you simply know it's possible if others have done it. There must be a way to get there while strictly controlling risk levels.

I'm sure there are many ways. I intend to find one of them.

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