Friday, September 14, 2007

Bottom Spotting the USD/CAD

Down and down it goes, where it will stop, nobody knows.

Just how low can the USD go compared to the CAD? Parity is an option. Below parity is an option. However, there have to be some fundamentals that come into play here. The amount of trade between the USA and Canada is huge!

Traditionally, the USD has always sat above the CAD.

Anyway, I'm not sure parity or below is realistic. I'm starting to dip my toe into this market. I've got a small stake which represents a "water mark" to help me gauge future expectations. Somewhere, presumably within the next 500 pips, we should find the bottom. From there, we should see lots of volatility and false starts, allowing for profit in the short term.

It should also provide for profits in the long term once the USDCAD starts trending towards a more appropriate historical level. Unless of course there is a large fundamental change happening. That's possible, but flying under the radar still.

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