Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Understanding The Advertising

Now that I'm playing in the currency trading world I have a much better understanding of all the Forex advertising floating around. As a rank beginner plenty of the ads are hard to understand but a few are geared towards you:
  • Learn how to trade
  • Trade with us
  • Commission free trading
This can help you enter the market while advertising that talks about pips, signals and so forth may not be relevant yet.

Once you are trading, experiencing ups and downs, you become intersted in some related services that will purportedly solve your problems:
  • Real time signals
  • Secrets and strategies
  • Lower pip spreads
These advertisements are all about helping you know when to trade and perhaps to ease your search for profits by lowering your pip spread.

The reason for all these services is that technical analysis can be hard work. Sure, the computer will do a lot of it, but you still have to look at a lot of charts for various currency pairs within various timeframes, spot market trends, find support and resistance levels, recognize key signaling events, map out price point targets for expected movements and then hope the market doesn't find a reason to ignore all your work.

The more of this that is automated, or at least heavily guided, the less time it takes to work through various scenarios. Anyway, as I'm happy to point out, I'm no expert, but I'm slowly learning and experimenting with a small real money account. At this stage I'm just hoping to share my efforts and and give other potential beginners some things to think about.

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