Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Getting Spanked

Oh oh. I might be about to get spanked. It's really strange, because you look at things and come to a conclusion, but the market certainly doesn't have to give a damn about any of your thoughts, calculations or conclusions.

Today I've been selling the EURUSD at the top of some price spikes. The only question is, are these really spikes are just some short term pauses on a large upward movement?

So, I have competing issues to deal with. The price going in a direction counter to my position and my "determination" that it will go in the other direction significantly due to a correction. So, if I don't get into the market to take advantage of movement I can't make money, but if I do get in, and reinforce my position to take advantage of it, I risk more and more.

This is exciting!

In the end, right now, I know I'm a beginner. I'm able to write off my entire $100 initial investment if it comes to that. Then again, if I'm right...

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