Friday, September 7, 2007

Trade Free Weekends

It looks like The Rookie has survived another week. Although, I have to admit I'm holding my breath on a few underwater instruments this weekend.

In particular, the USDJPY took a heavy knock on the jaw and is lying face down waiting for the three count. Maybe the weekend will be long enough to let the coach clean up a few wounds while the dollar catches it's breath for the next round? Get up Rocky, get up!

The Australian dollar was showing a little strength. Better yet, the AUDUSD was bobbing up and down and I was able to shave some pips here and there right up until the last couple of trading minutes. A couple of extra dollars in the account can make a big difference -- not so much for the value as for the extra margin buffer.

Personally, I was disappointed by the EURCHF. Cheffy, my pet name for the CHF (pretty clever, I know) was busy chomping on the Euro's nuts from the moment the US jobs report came out. Come on, we don't need the Euro to be a surrogate for the US dollar. Anyway, I'm just grousing because it would have been nice to see a little more traffic going in the opposite direction to the recent stampede.

Speaking of stampedes, the EURUSD was feeling pretty uppity. I'm afraid a large portion of my potential gains were penned up via some, in retrospect, cautious limits. That's really too bad, but as my last post said, I got some learning out of that too. Maybe one of these days I'll know enough to catch a bit of ka-ching here and there.

Heck, I guess I was spread all over the place. Pretty aggressive for a complete rookie if I think about it. Anyway, the GBPUSD was a bit ambivalent about the recent news. Sure, it left the dollar in the dust for a while, but the pound suffered from a guilty conscience and came back to offer encouragment. However, by the end of today it was tired of waiting up.

I'm thinking that once I can clear out of my current positions I'll move to trading within a basket of somewhat offset instruments. Heck, I'm sure I can figure out tons of ways to give away bits of money here and there. Most importantly, yes, it's still fun. I'm still stuck to the screen like a fly on a lightbulb. Yes, I am aware that usually this isn't too good for the fly. I'll change my analogies when I'm a cash magnet.

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