Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Grinding Out the Pips

Well, I've been grinding away at my open positions. Catching the tops of candles and buying in again at the bottom. I guess that means I'm fairly good at reading the short term charts with respect to top and bottom behavior.

I've got several dozen trades in the past couple of days. It's probably a little too much work to bother transposing all the data.

Suffice it to say that I had some extremely stressful moments, but that I held on through that sticking to my expectation that there would be a turnaround. I've been having success as the USDJPY, AUDUSD and EURCHF have been climbing out of their recent friday collapses.

I did get a phone call from my provider. They want me to upgrade to a fully paid account, a standard account, to the tune of $3000 or more. I don't think so. I'm pretty happy, for now, with my $100 account. I did add another $200 to the account to make sure I didn't run into a margin call. I'm not sure they'll like the idea but I'd really like to work like hell to turn my $300 into $3000.

If I can do that, then I can handle a standard account. Right?

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