Thursday, September 13, 2007

Trailing Stop Strikes

Well, whether it is a small correction or not I have no idea, but the USDJPY has gone down enough to remove me from the market. So, my profits have been pocketed and I need to look for opportunities to get back in.

The same is true for my AUDUSD holdings.

I'm starting to look into the USDCAD, in the long term, but there is always the risk that the US dollar will take a dump when the Tuesday interest rate news comes out. It would be hard to imagine that we could get to parity, or that we could stay there for long, but there is always the chance that the war in Iraq will push us there. I see an incredible load of debt being heaped on the USA combined with an inevitable drop in spending when the war ends.

On a different note, I find myself sitting on the sidelines. I don't like being on the sideslines, but I don't want to keep throwing money at a market to see if I can a place where it will stick. That costs too much. Maybe I'll investigate some carry trade ideas. For example, the EURTRY is appealing, though very risky.

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