Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Definitely Getting Spanked

Hey, it's important to have a good attitude, so don't get me wrong. Right now I'm in the process of being spanked for being in the wrong side of the forex market. Again, if you are just dropping by, I'm only dealing with a $100 account. It's not that big a deal and I get to learn a lesson.

I should close my EURUSD position and take a hefty percentage loss.

However, it would really chap my $ss to see the market reverse and spank me again while I'm sitting on the sidelines. The lesson is that I need to let go of the position, work harder to not get "caught" on the wrong side of a movement, and simply not fret over any such losses.

Time to accept a 40% loss and move on.

If at all possible, try to learn from my experience, before you are forced to learn it with your own money.

Okay, I just closed out all my open positions, got over it, and opened up a single contract on the other side. Let's see if the market has gotten tired of spanking me yet.

By the way, a lesson within a lesson, writing about my situation and what I know I should do about it, made it easier to do so. Oh no, this might mean I have to reveal every screwup I make in an effort to get better at this. Talk about humbling.

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